Our Policy

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Lash Addict Company Policies



Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that any changes such as cancellations or rescheduled appointments are made within 24-48 hours of your scheduled appointment.

We have a strict cancellation policy that all clients must abide by.

Late cancellations or rescheduling changes that do not fall within the 24-48 hours notice will be charged a fee of 50% of the schedule service.

Non-cancellations or “No Shows” will be charged the full amount of the original scheduled service.


Discount Vouchers Purchased on a Third-Party Website

Cancellations and appointment changes are accepted with 48 hours of notice.  Late cancellations are subjected to 50% charge of the service. No-Shows are subjected to paying the full total of the service booked.  Expired vouchers will be honored for the purchased amount towards the exact service (proof of purchased amount is required).


In-Store Policy

Please be aware that if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may not be able to provide the service for which you have been scheduled and a cancellation fee will be applied.

In consideration of other guests, we ask that electronic devices are turned off or silenced during your visit.

For the safety of your children, unattended children will not be allowed in our store. Out of consideration for our other clients, we do ask that you arrange childcare prior to your appointment, as having children in our salon can be distracting to our clients and Lash Stylists.

As much as we love pets, pets are not allowed in our store at this time unless approved by our store owner. This includes service dogs.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate expectant mothers due to the length of time eyelash extensions take to be properly applied. It is not recommended for pregnant women to lay on their backs for such a long period of time.

New Client & Loyalty Member Policy

We warmly welcome all new clients to our salon! However, if you have gotten lash extensions from another salon and are looking to get a fill from us we do need to verify your current lashes prior to making an appointment with us. We do this to ensure that your lashes have been applied properly. This is how our lash experts determine if they are able to fill over your current lashes or decide that your current lashes require a removal prior to a new full set. This is very simple to schedule together — we can just add a removal to the beginning of your full set appointment. You may also choose to schedule them seprately depending on your prefernce,

If you are a new client who has or has not had lash extensions before and are looking to get a full set, we will get in touch with you at the time of making your appointment to verify a few important preliminary questions in regards to your appointment. Please feel free to ask us any questions or let us know any concerns you may have prior to getting eyelash extensions and we would be more than happy to assist you!

As for our regular Lash Addict clients, we honor your loyalty for consistently coming to us and therefore you receive our Loyalty Member pricing. If you have gone to another salon in between fills, we welcome you back! However, you will still need to have your lashes verified by us just as we verify new clients. You will also begin pricing as a new client.





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