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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Volume eyelash extensions?
Volume lashes are fans made by your Lash Stylist at the time of application. The fans are made of light weight individual lashes. Volume lashes come in the same variety of curls and lengths as classic lashes.
Do I need to remove my current Classic lashes to get Volume lashes?
For those that already have classic eyelash extensions on, you may qualify for our transitional volume fill appointment. During this appointment, we fill in your lashes with our volume eyelash extension technique. 
Can Volume eyelash extensions look natural?
Absolutely. If you are wanting your volume lashes to look more natural then we recommend getting a Light Volume full set. Our  lash stylists apply them with the intention of creating a lighter, natural look. They can create the effect of doubling to three times your regular lash line.
Do Volume eyelash extensions last longer than Classic extensions?
Your natural lashes will shed the same no matter which kind of lashes you get (Classic or Volume). However, with volume extensions your lashes have been applied with 2-10 light weight lashes and they will definitely appear to look fuller longer. Volume lashes are wonderful for creating the illusion that your lash line is still full.

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